SG Stone Masons will build and repair fireplaces, chimneys, and the stone siding on buildings. It's the company to turn to whenever normal wear and tear or a storm loosens the stones and the property owner is afraid the structure will crumble. It's also the company to turn to whenever a new home is being built and extra amenities such as a handcrafted fireplace are on the list.

SG Stone Masons Are the Experts with
Fireplaces, Siding and Chimneys

We Use Quality Materials to Build or Repair
Structures Made out of Stone

CT Contractor License # 4333860
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SG Stone Masons did the chimney of this contemporary home.
SG Stone Masons will maintain the walls of your castle.
SG Stone Masons will do neat and clean stone siding around windows and other structures.
SG Stone Masons made this beautiful multi-colored stone chimney.
SG Stone Masons constructing some great looking siding on a building.