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The Owner Oversees Every Masonry Project

SG Stone Masons is a full-service masonry company that is independently owned and operated.The founder, Sebby Garofalo, began as a mason in Italy, learning his skills beginning at the age of nine. He has made a lifelong commitment to being an outstanding mason and expects the same from his skilled workers. He is personally involved in every project his company has done, which speaks to the high quality of work his customers have grown accustomed to.

For over forty years, the owner and crew at SG Stone Masons learned to work with every masonry product to help customers realize their dreams. We accept residential, business and landscaping projects whether they involve building from the ground up or restoring work that is already there. We typically do masonry work in Connecticut and Massachusetts; however, we have done work all over the Northeast. The distance we will travel is typically a function of the size and complexity of the project.
SG Stone Masons will build a stone fireplace for you.
SG Stone Masons will repair stone houses.
SG Stone Masons are stone siding experts.
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The Owner of SG Stone Masons Is Involved
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